Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chasing smallmouth to the end of the world

A few people at the office planned end of the world parties for Friday and Saturday. I sorted through my gear decided to hunt for some smallmouth. The largemouth bass fishing has been a lot like that Katy Perry song Hot and Cold something, something…no I am not going to sing it for you.

The last few days have been spent hitting this pond or that pond tracking all over the place for active fish. Saturday was starting out the same way. First place I come to and the fishing action is slightly worse than terrible. There are no fish to be seen and search casts come up empty. Most of my focus is for largemouth bass in prime prespawn form. But I will dance with whatever fish is the groove.

Not really tucked away are a few ponds that sport a mix of bass in both largemouth and smallmouth variety. No boating allowed so I have to do a bit of casting in shorebang in mode. Casting out the fantastic plastics the line gets a hit so hard that I nearly swallow my gum. After I get in a decent hookset the drag is loosened a bit for the sporadic tugs that followed. Land the fish and it is a beauty smallmouth. Pound for pound this one of my favorite species.

Do the photo op and search for more fish. None to be had. That was the only bite that I received all day. Sight-mode, search mode…neither option seemed to offer a glimmer of hope. Fantastic plastics gave way to crankbaits, a few spinnerbaits and then a few spoons to go far and deep. By 10AM the wind, my nemesis for 2011 it seems, showed up around noon turning the water into heavy chop. After 30 more minutes of casting I head out and dig the sand and light dirt out of my eyes while driving home. 

For smallmouth I typically use the same gear for largemouth but downsize it. 2-4” plastics that represent crawdad or baitfish patterns are my favorite but will drop down to 1\8oz jigs if things get desperate. But this is generally if I am targeting them exclusively. A lot of the time I catch smallmouth and even crappie when I am fishing for largemouth bass. The trick here is to bring the size down a smidgen to match the smaller mouth size. Smallies and crappies will go for a 3”-4” bait if they are aggressive. If I think there is a chance at either of these fish along with largemouth bass I might go with a 4” grub or stickbait to try for the best of both worlds.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.


Stephanie and Dustin said...

I have to agree with you - smallies are one of my favorite species to catch as well. They are a great time, and that is a beauty that you caught last weekend. Sucks you couldn't get into a few more, but that is the way it goes sometimes.


SweetiePea said...

Sounds like the fish were hidden away having their own end of the world party. Hey, at least if the world had ended -- you would've been doing what you love most. And that's the best party of all.

Jay said...

Nice bronze!

Gary Thompson said...

I grew up smallmouth fishing on the Niangua river in central MO. Haven't spent much time working on them here in CO. With the avalanche of water about to come rolling down the hills though, I may have to rethink my fishing agenda.

Coloradocasters said...

@Stephanie and Dustin: One is better than none and had I missed that one bite, the day would have been devastating. Favorite species…I say that about a lot of fish.

@SweetiePea: Great comment and that was my plan. If the world was going to end I was going to get in one more cast before @$% hit the fan.

@Jay: Thanks, man. This made my day for sure.

@Gary: With the rivers and streams running high ad rough, the lakes and ponds may be good refuge. I wish you luck.

Bill Trussell said...

One awesome smallmouth, they beat all the warmwater fish as fighters, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Awsome brownie mang! I loves me some brown bass...

You da man G!