Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fish the snow!

Friday night I am sorting through the ice fishing gear and loading up for the next morning. Morning comes and landscape is getting pounded with a heavy snowstorm. This snow would make travel difficult and my planned destination was a bit of a haul, one-hour drive time with good roads. Bad roads? It could take me two days.

“I should just stay in and drink coffee.” I muttered to myself hoping to melt the falling flakes with the frustration brewing in my mind.

Looking out the window I see that this weather pattern is not as cold as it was just a day or two ago. In fact I could see the snow melting and water building up in the gutters. The conditions were similar to a month ago. As soon as the truck started up my thoughts of ice fishing were abandoned.

“Fish the river. Fish the snow!”

Bad weather can mean better fishing in the metro area. The extra precipitation and the melting snow stir things up. This will typically create a rise in feeding activity. What I didn’t expect was the water to be open in a few spots that were frozen over just a week or two ago. One cast and I hook into a beauty cutbow. Not as large as the one I caught here last time but enough to make the detour in planning pay off. No pics on this one…just video.

Once again the solid gold pattern paid off. Maybe it is simply the location and time of year that has these fish attacking anything with a hint of gold or brass.

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic


Stephanie and Dustin said...

We're hoping Friday and today's melting will prove for a good day tomorrow. It's Dustin's only day off of the week,, so we hope it is well spent. Beauty of a cutt-bow! -stephanie

Cofisher said...

Matt, you're sick and that fish is awesome! If I wasn't so old and decrepit I'd give you a run (well, maybe a fast walk) for your money. I love that fish!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Matt. Weather is looking a little more enticing for some stream fishing up my way, too.

troutrageous1 said...

Pretty fish. Love the description of your change of mind. I've tossed similar scenarios around in my head many times.

Justin said...

Heck yeah dude. Hardcore!

Deb (Simply Deb) said...

Brrr!!! I love fishing, but snow is not my thing! I'll stick to my Florida fishing, where it's nice and warm.