Friday, February 4, 2011

At least I can still look at fish

Last Saturday I was slinging in 60-degree temperatures. Today I am sitting on my butt with a –16 (minus sixteen) degree arctic freeze. Schools are closed and the roads are super slick. Reaching some river tailwater would be a difficult task. Grabbing a spot on some hard water would be uncomfortable to say the least.

In an effort to salvage this day I decided to put together some Basspro footage from Sunday into a video montage of sorts. If I can’t fish at least I can look at fish. Looking at fish through a wall of glass is sort of like methadone for fishaholics.

The audio was added with Youtube’s AudioSwap feature. Not a big fan of the suggested playlists as I rarely find something that goes with the footage. Aalborg Fantasy Soundtracks - Deep Sea Orchestra was used for this clip. I would have been happier with a Pink Floyd track from their earlier days.

The good news is that I did manage to nail some fish on the last outing. Hopefully I will get the pictures edited and the text laid out in a manner that flows nearly as good as the trip itself.

Must Fish


Jay said...

I would have to say that's the most interesting array of fish I've ever seen in a Bass Pro aquarium. Browns and Bucketmouths, Stripers and Sturgeon, all in the same tank. In the Bass Pro Shops I've been too it's always just warmwater bass, catfish, the occasional hybrid striper, a gar, a bowfin, a bunch of crappie, a bluegill or two for good measure, and maybe even a redfish for novelty. I've never seen a sturgeon or a trout at Bass Pro.

troutrageous1 said...

The fishing time will come my friend. It will come.

Cofisher said...

Pretty cool video. I never thought about doing a video like this and you did a pretty nice job.

Anonymous said...

I visited Cabela's a month or so ago during some cold and snow. I have to admit I really enjoyed my time watching all the fish swimming around. I dreamed of how much fun they could be if I had hooked them in the great outdoors somewhere. I am ready for spring!

Michelle said...

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Thanks ahead :)

Coloradocasters said...

Thank you so much, folks. This blog is fueled by your comments. Big fish amaze me for some reason and a few times a year I catch myself salivating while gazing into this tank. Big fish don’t require expensive management as much as we think…they require Mother Nature’s help and time to grow big. If this fish tank were managed as “bait and take”, I dare say this tank would be empty or contain only 12” stocked trout.

Fishing is good in Colorado but could be so much better. Minimizing human impact can make all the difference where you fish. Good luck and good fishing.

Anonymous said...

I think we're all about to "nut up" with this long, cold winter we're having this year. Even down here in the Deep South, we've just about had enough of sub-40 temps during the day. It just ain't right! ;)