Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog Shout…long overdue.

One bloggy detail that has gone overlooked for so long is an official shout out to the three or four ultra fabulous readers of Coloradocastersblog@blogspot.com. I have been meaning to do this for a while. Now that I am getting things rolling this season, it would be best if I get this out now.

Mel: Mel really deserves special thanks and a huge shout out for the comments and most of the followers from blog formats of various sources that have stumbled over to my blogilicious. Blog Cabin Angler is as good as a blog gets with a mix of humor, news and of course fishing stories. Mel, you are the best. I wish you well and of course magnificent fish!

Biggerfish: This is a hard-core trout guy from Montrose that lives up to his blog title. He mixes a little bit of spin with masterful fly-fishing and the fish p0rn is downright fantastic. Give his blog a check, follow and a kind word now and again.

Fall Road Archer: Bill is a true outdoor sportsman and keeps a wet line when not out hiking, scouting or hunting the woods of Pennsylvania. Bill is an active poster with an eye for photography.

You can view any of these blogs by checking the folks on my follow list. Check these folks out and see the quality of effort they put forth.

Another blog worth mentioning

The Fisherbabe: Here is a gal that paints her own lures and then throws them at 6-foot long pike. Practically every fisherman’s dream but sorry guys she is already married. I follow her blog at a distance and even comment once in a while. Of course she won’t so much as give me the time of day but I daydream that one day she will comment on my page as well as add me to her blog roll. “Yeah right. Keep dreamin’ Mattsabasser.”


And as always, special thanks to Don, James and “Mountain Goat Keith” in which another fishing trip is long overdue. (Sigh, so little time to fish these days.) Shoot me an e-mail to set something up. Plan a few weeks ahead and put “Stole the keys to Denver Water” in the subject line. I may have left one or two folks out but know that every view, comment and rate does not go unnoticed. Thank you so much for stopping by.

More bla bla bla….

Epilogues and English Majors: a correction of sorts.

One of the long battles that has brewed to harsh words and near fisticuffs for me at times is the word and definition of “Epilogue”. For the longest time I have argued, debated, hashed out and verbally tangled with a fellow co-worker that just so happens to be an English Major over this word.

For over two years now I have used the partial definition “narrative by author” for the word “epilogue” at the beginning of my posts. Epilogue actually means narrative by author at the END of a story. Realize I am more stubborn than anything and just think epilogue sounds a lot better than “prolog”…Or maybeez I iz jusd eelitterit. The good news is that I finally capitulate and surrender my false use of the word. That is kind of a bummer for me as I don’t see myself writing an epilogue for any reason and will rarely see that word again. Man, I am really going to miss that word.

In closing, thanks to everyone for the views, comments rates and further support of the Coloradocasters blogilicious. If you have not gone through my previous posts, rants and fish pictures…by all means do so.

Good luck and keep on bloggin'.


Bill said...

Thanks for the mention!

Don said...

The hard work and the hours spent on the water Matt make this blog priceless! Keep up the good work and always, keep those stories and pics coming!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Matt, thanks for the nice comments about myself and my blog. I so humbly appreciate it. I enjoy reading your blog and following your fishing adventures. Hope to continue to share fishing stories and tips with you for many casts to come.