Saturday, June 6, 2009

Three brand new lures you must have!!!

By Mattsabasser-100% original material 24/7…you should pay me to write this stuff!

Move over Sexy Shad and other disco-trendy lures. Now there’s a new lineup of crankbaits that are breaking all the rules. If you are tired of running the 9 to 5 standard cranks…check out some of the troublemaker cranks looking to shake things up.

Shmackity-Shmackity Wa Wa Lures brings you three new crankbaits that are so ridiculously amazing that they are downright offensive! They catch so many fish that you just might get arrested.

BadAss Shad: This crankbait is tattooed and fired up. Run this lure through the toughest of neighborhoods and it will always come out on top!

Scruffy Shad: Sometimes you need a lure that can run late at night and come stumbling home early in morning. When conditions get scruffy…this is your go to crank!

Clown Shad: After fishing so many places that look more like a three ring circus rather than a peaceful fishery, we decided to make a lure that fit those specific conditions. When fishing gets just plain silly…throw out a Clown Shad!

Run! Don’t walk, to your local Supermegaconglomo tackle store and buy a whole truckload of these things! Load your tackle box, your toolbox, even your mailbox with these fantastically amazingly out of control crankbaits!!! Holy cow! Why are you still reading this? You need to get out there and FISH!

The message brought to you by Shmackity-Shmackity Wa Wa Lures and Supermegaconglomo Tackle Stores everywhere!

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Don said...

I just picked up all 3 and gotta say they are the best lures I have ever used!!!! Get ya SOME!!!