Thursday, June 18, 2009

Development lures that didn’t make the cut.

Shmackity-Shmackity Wa Wa Lures goes the distance and then some when it comes to designing and testing our new fishing products before adding it to our premiere fishing line. Here are some lures that didn’t make it through the rigorous and demanding testing here at Shmackity-Shmackity Wa Wa Lures.

Once again these are lures that didn’t make the cut…

Sex Offender Shad: Our design team was looking for a devious lure with predator action. Instead we found ourselves with a lure that had to be instantly locked down and registered in some waters. The crossbar design was unique but the handcuffed trebles were a big disappointment. The biggest problem we found with this lure is that it got into trouble whenever we ran it near schools.

Slacker Shad: There are some great lazy action lures out there and we thought we had a few ideas of our own for a super slow rolling crankbait. What we ended up with was an always come late lure with a no-show attitude. This lure seemed to just sluff off bites from fish with only one treble. Instead of being weedless…this lure was worthless. The slacker shad was a no go.

Chuck Norris Shad: The design team thought they had created the most killin’est lure ever with this one. But you can always take things too far. This lure was kicking ass right out of the box and quite frankly was too much to handle. It took on even the baddest of fish with no problem but it would leave decent fish alone. We couldn’t control the action and once it took care of the bad fish, our prototype broke itself free of the line and swam off into the sunset. My guess is that even Ninjas would be helpless against this thing.

Shmackity-Shmackity Wa Wa Lures wants to assure its faithful and even new customers that all of our products are put through rigorous paces in both the design and testing phase before it ever has a chance to reach your tackle box. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers say…

“I’m not the kind of guy that cashes in my kid’s college fund for a brand new spanking bass boat and then throws a cheap ass crankbait! I’m throwing a Wa Wa!” Billy Donker Bob Jr, Spillwad Kentucky.

“This is the best damn lure ever! What the heck is it called again?” Jed Nickles, no address listed

“I bought them for my uncle as a gag gift. Not sure if he has tried them or not.” Sally McGustus, Spokane Washington.

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