Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Max Factor update

Once upon a time Max had asked me for some fishing advice and invited me to fish a friend’s private pond. Before his annual trip to Lake McConaughy I had set him up with some additional gear in the way of a 6’6” St. Croix two-piece rod, some fantastic plastics, a few hooks, a couple cranks and spinnerbaits along with a small soft tackle bag to put it all in. A week later Max sends me this photo.
Included in the message was merely the details below.
36” 12lbs
Of course I picked up the phone and called him immediately. Max gave me a rough sketch of fishing highlights over the week and the details of the pike shown in the photo. Apparently the 4” clear bodied crankbait from the gear bag I had given them landed most of the fish including a few walleye.
“We noticed fish were most active during the morning and the evening so that is when we would take the boat out. Caught walleye most of the time. Then we went out during the middle of the day and one of the teens landed this.”
Max and his family had a fantastic time and growing more and more interested in fishing. They practiced catch and release for the most part but decided to take a few fish home. Max did some homework and found great instructions on how to cook up the northern pike. “It was very tasty and we ended up eating the entire fish in one day. Nothing wasted.”
My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.


Howard said...

Pike are almost as good as walleye. Good for you!

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