Saturday, August 3, 2013

Don lands another biggun’

While fishing the wood structure for crappie, Don throws a big bait into the cove hoping for a bigger bite. Fishing for the MAD Show has been off and on all year long so I knew he was due for a big fish. First cast out and his rod bends over with a heavy fish. The bite was so hard we both swear we could hear it under the water.
These are the moments both of us live for and both of us hold our breath it seems until the other one lands the fish. There is no hesitation when it comes to helping with the photo op and at times I have to persuade this guy to let me use these pictures on my blog.

The lure used was a jig combo that I put together several years ago. Once you get the right materials it snaps together lickety-split. Later I asked him what he was throwing and he said, “Your lure.” I missed the first part and only caught what sounded like “lures”.

“No #$%^!” I responded as if Don was holding out on me. “I didn’t think you were throwing live bait…seriously…what are you throwing?”

“YOUR LURE!” he responded holding up the jig-combo. We laughed for about 30 minutes straight.

It is still good fishing you, Don. The one guy that can get up early to the meet spot and doesn’t sell out the fishing locations that I meticulously dig up.

My name is Matt and still a proud member of The MAD Fishing Show.


sage said...

that fish is a testimony to your fishing skill--caught on your lure! Funny story.

Atlas said...

Very very cool blog. Really enjoyed reading it. Getting ready to head to Colorado to fish for the first time. Your blog has me excited. Tight Lines!