Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Into the Scrag

“You take a left turn off the main road and drive about seven miles. Turn at the second entrance, look for the green sign. Take the off road trail to the parking lot perched atop a hundred foot drop. You should see the water from there. Watch your step. Barbed wire grows from the ground…not kidding.”
This is how the place was described me to by Mr. K.O. about six years ago. First trip in and my legs learned quickly that even though it looked heavenly from the top of the cliff, things would only get downright gnarly once I reached the bottom. This trip was no exception. Summer rain gave the foliage increased vigor and a bit of an attitude. The brush was heavier than ever except the barbed wire ones…they were just a little more rusty and more difficult to see. I took a photo of what looked like a new patch emerging from where the cattle had recently grazed.
Foliage and mosquitos were biting from all directions but the fish not so much. I was able to coax small fish from spots here and there but no signs from the OMG section. Conditions were clear in the morning with showers predicted later in the day. Action might have been better in the evening but rough terrain and the dirt trail makes the dry morning run a bit easier to deal with.

The top of this fish is spectacular in the sunlight but not even close to what I hope for. Most fishing places are hit and miss depending on the day but this location is a trip to skunksville more often than not.  Even after catching fish I still felt like this trip was a skunker . All; I can do is soak up the scenery and mild conditions while making another cast.


Before reaching the end of the stretch a herd of cows had picked their spot to stop, graze and lounge around a bit. I worked the area just to the west and waited for them to move on. Instead of moving they stood their ground and gave me a few rough looks. Not being equipped for longhorn I chose to retreat and look for water I had missed on the way back.

At the end of the day I chalked the day up as another trip into the scrag and just getting out with only a few scratches is a notch on the “good day” side of things. The results may not have met expectations but these days I am just happy to be out there. 

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic


Howard said...

I sometimes have a hard time thinking we live in the same state. Where do you find some of these places?

Tomek O said...

This looks cute escarpment above the river. River being in my climate.
Tom O