Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Supa’ Panz 2013

There are a few ponds and small lakes in Colorado that I covet for their bluegill and sunfish opportunities. Quality panfish brooders like this are as amazing to me as any fish that I catch. The colors and fin placement gives these fish a more tropical appearance compared to other freshwater forage fin slappers.  Recently I stumbled across a couple of sunfish that are fairly respectable by Colorado standards. As soon as I saw them the bass game was put on hold.

Both these fish were caught in four to six feet of water. They were hanging just outside of a largemouth bass’ nest and picking off small fry whenever possible. They hit a 1/8oz chartreuse mister twister jig. Nothing fancy just something I could fish deep and fast with action on the end.
Being very aggressive this time of year they would have hit anything in the micro size. Panfish will eat a wide variety of insects, minnows and aquatic organisms so most of the time these fish are not very selective. Quality panfish like this come from good aquatic conditions and balanced pressure. Like any sport fish population it greatly helps the sport to put the big ones back.

My name is Matt and...hold on...I think I see some panfish. 


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Matt, for sure! Yup, Bluegill and Sunfish put my fishing for trout and other species on hold quite often. Thanks for releasing these two.

sage said...

You're right about putting the big ones back, but I'd prefer to eat these than a bass any day! They are fun to catch at twilight on a flyrod with popping bugs or miniature spiders.

Bill Trussell said...

Those bluegills are certainly colorful, they are somewhat lighter than the ones I land here in the south. Got a suggestion, land some of these gills on the fly and really get fired up!! Thanks for sharing

Daniel said...

Nice gills.

Coloradocasters said...

@Mel: Truth be told it brings a smile to my face every time you visit my lil fishing blog.

@Sage: If folks managed the forage for optimum potential, the sport fish would be bounteous. Thank you for your comment.

@Bill: Thanks, Bill. I am using the fly rod for warm water more and more and a have another "all-fly" bass and bluegill post in the works.

@Daniel: These gills are not too shabby for Colorado. Some day I hope to go to Kansas or even Texas for some real Mondo Gills on a national scale. Glad you stopped by.