Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Signs of improvement-Fishing Closure lifted for Bear Creek (Jefferson County)

DENVER -- Colorado Parks and Wildlife is lifting a voluntary fishing closure on Bear Creek upstream of Bear Creek Reservoir.

Due to critically low flows and high water temperatures in July of this year, anglers were encouraged to seek fishing opportunities elsewhere in the Denver Metro Area or in the South Platte Basin

"The voluntary fishing closure in Bear Creek likely protected the fishery from countless unnecessary mortalities," said Reid DeWalt, Area Wildlife Manager in Jefferson County. "Colorado Parks and Wildlife appreciates the ethical commitment of our anglers in protecting this resource."

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Matt’s Rant: Hot and dry conditions spell disaster for trout. I have had to put a lot of my summer trout fishing on hold because the conditions had these fin slappers clinging to life. Now the temperatures are coming down. Scalding day temps will bring stress to fish in many ways. Evaporation merely scratches the surface. This year we had dangerously high temps overnight and this greatly compounds the overall moisture dynamic. Trapped in conditions such as this will often result in fish die-off. Large fish require the most oxygen and my guess is a lot of places may have lost some of their best gamefish.

Now we are starting to see a regular dose of day temps that are less scalding and evening temps that are downright frigid. This helps a lot and might just let me feel a little less guilty about a creek run here and there (Not Bear Creek by the way) for smaller fish while opening a window for larger waters in areas that have been a regulated or requested fish no-go.

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