Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Been a lil buried…Please Stand By

Apologies for the lack of fishing posts lately and I am going to admit that I have been a bit buried with the work situation. This has kept me from digging into the January fishing scene with my usual focus. Add the fact a few smaller trips with haven’t gone very well with the results even worse than ho hum, my fishing blog is less active than usual.
Rest assured the shameless fish bragging will be back on track as soon as I save myself from drowning a bit at work. I may have to lean on some extra “filler” posts to get me through this dry spell just so folks don’t confuse me with news reports of people recently lost in the wilderness.
The good news is that I have managed to keep from going completely under water at the office while still getting in a few casts (if even on the skunkalicious side of things). Also replaced the 95 Pathfinder with a 2000 Xterra that I hope not to completely destroy in a few years. The new rig will help me extend my fishing range while keeping me from throwing a few extra grand into the old vehicle.
Once again, please accept my sincere apologies for a less than amazing start. January is rarely my best month but admittedly this one is more difficult than usual. Hopefully the extra diligence pays off at work while the fish enjoy a slight reprieve.
Good luck and good fishing.


TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the laugh!

bring in some random! i like your random shots!!!

Shoreman said...

And I thought that work was supposed to be a paperless society. OK, we'll wait until you dig out.


Howard Levett said...

Got one of those leaf blowers?

Anonymous said...

Yup, love that picture. I can relate to all that paperwork at my own job too. Maybe I will retire and go fishing!

Bill Trussell said...

You are forgiven---only if I see a huge largemouth in some of your coming post.