Thursday, December 22, 2011

A holiday message from ColoradoCasters

(Above: This “Mattsaclaus” illustration is probably the worst my graphics team has submitted. I am pretty sure they are trying to make fun of me with this one. Guess I could smile more.)

Sitting by the fireplace screensaver and sipping a cup of coffee I look out the window and see a bounty of falling snow flurries. My artificial fichus tree is decorated with a few lights and a handful of presents are wrapped below. To me it is more important to spend the holidays how you wish as opposed to bending to the will of political correctness. I want to take a moment to wish all of my followers, viewers and even the occasional negative Nelly out there a Merry Christmas, blessed holiday and Winter Solstice. Congratulations for making it through 2011. May 2012 find you and yours with happiness as well as good health. Thank you so much for putting up with me.

I would also urge folks that purchase real trees for the yuletide seek out drop off areas that recycle those trees into wildlife habitat. Check with your local community or wildlife agency for details and locations. This year the CDOW is collecting used but cleaned trees (you have to take the tinsel and lights off of course) for quail habitat. Other creatures will use the small dry trees for shelter as well. Details are listed below from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife “Insider” press release. 


PUEBLO, Colo. - Colorado Parks and Wildlife is setting up a Christmas tree drop off point in the Pueblo area to recycle Christmas trees into quail habitat.  The trees will be used to create artificial brush piles to improve the small game habitat on local state wildlife areas. 

Collection dates are Jan. 2 through 15 at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Pueblo Service Center archery range parking lot located at 600 Reservoir Road.

Wildlife officials ask that people remove all ornaments and tinsel prior to bringing the trees to the collection site.

For more information, call the Pueblo Service Center at 719-561-5300.

Directions to the collection site:  From the intersection of Thatcher Blvd. (Highway 96) and Pueblo Boulevard, go west on Highway 96 for approximately 2.75 miles to Reservoir Road; turn right and travel 0.10 miles to the archery range parking lot and place the trees in the area marked by signs.

End press release

ColoradoCasters supports this effort so much that I am offering 1,000 Mattsabasser points for anyone who turns their tree in to be recycled as opposed to simply dumping it off on the curb for the trash guys. 5,000 Mattsabasser points will be awarded to anyone who donates their tree to a specific wildlife program like the one mentioned above. A whopping 25,000 Mattsabasser points will be awarded to any individual that organizes a group tree collection in their neighborhood, workplace, etc and manages to turn five trees or more into any recycling program.

Legal disclaimer: Mattsabasser points cannot be legally redeemed anywhere for cash, prizes or even fishing tips. They are pretty much worthless but people tend to be more motivated if they win something.

Good luck and good fishing.


TexWisGirl said...

i do believe that's the best mattaclaus i've ever seen! :)

merry christmas to you!!!

Royal Wulff said...

Happy new year Matt! May your addiction continue into 2012!