Friday, September 23, 2011

Buckeye Bass

(Above: Part bass\part butterfly? Maybe this fish is just showing a little wear from the last hook up.)

Another Saturday lake grind except this time it takes me quite a while to find the quality bass. Rather than working the old familiar structure spots I should have formulated the low water depth and the inlet letting fresh water in. Either it wasn’t letting water in when I was doing the early morning launch or I just plain missed it. After rowing across most of the lake through sun, wind and yellow perch there just wasn’t enough gas left in the tank to wait out the big fish that I had spooked when rolling into the sweet spot. That is just the way it goes sometimes especially on the few larger lakes that I fish. These waters test me the most. They take longer for me to learn and give the fish more area to move around. Unfortunately I still haven’t replaced the electronics burgled during the storage unit break in. The fish finder would have given me some advantage in the deep and murky water but the usual structure areas should have produced at least something. At one point I stopped and ran through the tackle box on a delicious clay incline that always has at least one fish. And that is what I got, one bite-one fish.

News you can use and it isn’t much.

Perch are starting to bring some serious anger. In some areas you could throw an engine piston and these fish would mob it with tiny bites. A few times I would think a respectable bass was putting a tiny bite on the bait when in reality it was a mere eight inch perch with a bad attitude. Tried my best to plink out a respectable fire tiger for the photo op but it wasn’t in the cards. Rather than fish the heavy murk, look for fresh water coming in. The lake begins with the letter Q…Oh no I’ve said too much. (small shout out to R.E.M. and their decision to dissolve the band.)

My name is Matt and I’m a fishaholic.

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