Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh Man…I think I broke blogger.

It has been so long since I have done any format tweaks that when some minor adjustments were made to my rusted old blog template the whole system went kaput. After re-wiring the waffle iron that I use for a modem the system finally booted back up. I didn’t lose any posts but did lose a ton of comments and my amazingly clever replies. Ok so I only lost one or two comments and my sort of clever responses to those. Not ever having thought of saving my comment replies…well…I will simply have to find the energy and time to redo them. Accept my sincerest apologies if I don’t remember exactly what I said the first time.

In closing, this Blogger malfunction could be my entire fault and maybe I will have to hire someone to do all of my format tweaks from here on out so this doesn’t happen again. Maybe then my blog would have blog rolls and a more professional looking layout. Then again it would probably cut into the fishing.

Good luck and good fishing.


Jeff Hatt said...

It was the whole of blogger that went down Matt and it took recent posts and comments with it - my comments never came back but the posts did, thankfully.

dAwN said...

OH!! so your the one! You broke it for a long time too. Glad they got it fixed. Have you tried Windows Live Writer to compose your blogposts? You dont need to have internet..If blogger is down the posts are kept on your hard drive until you are ready to post. I love using it! Its a free download.

troutrageous1 said...

Damn you.

Shoreman said...

I doubt you were responsible for Blogger nose dive since it affected us all. Between Blogger, power outage on Saturday, and my wireless router taking a day off, I'm in the catchup mode, too. We all endure.