Sunday, November 21, 2010

CDOW Fishing Reg. Update: Citizen Petition approved for section of Arkansas River

YUMA, Colo. - The Colorado Wildlife Commission gave final approval to new fishing regulations and approved license numbers and seasons for the 2011 spring and fall turkey seasons at the group's meeting in Yuma on Friday, Nov. 12.

In addressing the meeting's major agenda item, commissioners finalized the five-year update of DOW fishing regulations and approved two major changes to prevent the spread of aquatic nuisance species across the state. The regulations also make localized changes at more than 30 bodies of water around the state to adjust fishery management by setting new size limits or altering acceptable tackle.

Commissioners also responded to a citizen petition requesting new regulations for a popular two-mile tail water fishery on the Arkansas River below Pueblo Reservoir. The new regulation restricts tackle to artificial flies and lures from the reach beginning at the bridge near Valco Ponds downstream to Pueblo Boulevard. In addition, all trout 16 inches or larger caught in this section must be immediately returned to the water. The portion of the river near the Pueblo Nature Center is exempted from these new restrictions.

Link to full article below:

Matt’s Rant: Hurray for the citizen petition! This is a huge victory for a lot of people that fish this area at various times of the year and frustrated with the constant bait\pillage that has occurred too often. The additional regulations may upset a few locals but the majority of sportsman in the state (and even beyond) have been requesting this stretch become AFLO for quite some time. As these new regulations take hold, the fishing quality will improve year after year.

See, folks? You can make a difference and things like an organized petition with thousands of valid signatures is tough to ignore. CDOW still believes that the majority of anglers\license holders in this state are primarily bait and take…it is up to the AFLO\C&R crowd to make our voice heard.

If you fish in Colorado and are a bit bored, feel free to send an e-mail to the CDOW expressing your thanks for their hard efforts as well as letting them know how they could improve things in your view. I truly believe that fishing is good in Colorado but could be so much better. If anglers and the Colorado Division of Wildlife worked together it would be quickly achieved.

Good luck and good fishing.


Cofisher said...

Yeah! Long overdue.

Ryan said...

While I did not read the whole article it sounds like a good thing.

The Average Joe Fisherman

Coloradocasters said...

Hopefully the success of this petition will help make other changes where the vast majority of anglers welcome the additional rules. It is up to us anglers to make our voices, opinions and even Mattsabasser wishes heard.

Don said...

This is great NEWS!!!

Does the AFLO tag make this water a Gold Medal stretch?

Thanks for sharing this info Matt...and everyone have a safe and happy tday.


Coloradocasters said...

@Don: Technically I don't think this stretch is defined as Gold Medal as some fish can be kept (fish under 16-inches).