Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mitchell-Mojo combo. Not a gear review, more of a gear ramble.

Rod: 7’-0” St. Croix (Mojo Bass), Medium\Fast [paid-99.00, Outdoor World (Basspro)]
Reel-Mitchell 300X [paid 39.99-Wal Mart]

Needed another M-FA rod for some of the faster baits that I like to run. St. Croix makes a good product and I’m glad they came down a little in the price range with the Mojo. Admittedly this is not as solid as their higher warranty stuff but a steal for 99 bucks. The split grip is pretty sweet even for an old school guy like myself. Already slingin’ it out there for bass and trout with beauty performance. For more on how rods are made and useful facts, feel free to refer to the links provided below.

Quite a few of my bass rods are 6’-6” and Medium-Heavy action. For some reason I like to dig pig bass out of heavy cover and heavy\stubby gets it done. Faster action rods however should be in the 7’-0” class in my opinion to take advantage of the extra play at the end.

After throwing heavy\stubby most of the year a 7’ wag-tail rod can really whip a spinnerbait or smaller swimbait out there and make the retrieve back seem to last forever. Puts a big smile on my face and I kinda feel like “Bob” the Enzyte guy.

(Above: Graphics team called in sick. I bet those @#$%^ are fishing!!! Probably going to get sued by the Enzyte folks for the pic rip. Thanks guys.)

Here’s a link to the St. Croix website below.

Matched up with a Mitchell 300X I hoped to balance things out with a modestly priced reel. I have gotten great mileage out of the Mitchell Avocet II S2000 in the past (this is a 20 dollar reel and I know the Pro-Am guys are really cringing right now) and wanted to test out the 300X. Not a believer in the 300X yet as I expect a lot for 40 bucks but its holding up well. Quick change spool feature and a few other cool things about this reel may get all bla bla bla’d about if I find the time.

Folks might be surprised in regards to the amount paid for my fishing equipment. It is far less than you might think. Gas, entrance fees, lures and line add up quickly. If I bought expensive rods and reels it would cripple both my budget and my game. My preference is to get quality gear in a price range that I can afford and then use the @#$%^ out of it. This is where many anglers disagree with me. Pro-am anglers or guys with a bit more money willing to lean on one or two rods the whole season will and should opt for the higher end stuff. My fishing style is more kamikaze and constantly wrought with misfortune, carelessness and even theft. I have never broken gear on a fish but have come close on a few catfish. Cliffs, catfish and buggars take more of my gear than anything else but I am always “good to go” with a backup. Wait to fish? That’s just crazy talk. Must fish!

Gear reviews? I don’t really do gear reviews. My gear posts are more “gear rambles”. It took me a long time to find my own style and means (or justification for that matter) to support my angling addiction. It works for me but not the best advice out there. Some good advice is this: Generally you will get what you pay for. Get the best value that you can find in a price range that you can afford. It also helps to take far better care of it than I do by avoiding cliffs, theft and catfish. Like it, love it, hate it…I must fish.

Good luck and Good Fishing.


Shoreman said...

I bought a Mitchell 300 just before they stopped making them. Damn thing fell apart the first year I had it. Hope your 300X works better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, you made a lot of good points with this post. I have lived on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to paying for gear. Quite some time ago I settled on getting the best product at a price that I can afford. When you fish often quality is important, but, you sure don't have to pay "Pro" rates for a good fishing tool. Thanks for your view on this. Kind of sounds like we are of like minds. Good luck with the new gear.

The Average Joe Fisherman said...

I am of the same mold when it comes to fishing gear. As a rule of thumb you get what you pay for. You can never go wrong with a St. Croix. I just wisht the Mojo was built in the USA.

the Average Joe Fisherman

blake said...

Glad to hear you like to mojo, i've considered giving them a harder look!

Coloradocasters said...

@Shoreman: The jury is still out on the reel. So far so good.

@Mel: I marvel at people that fish with one rod and reel their whole life.

@Joe: Buying US in regards to fishing products is tough to nearly impossible in most cases. I have to pick my battles sometimes.

@Blake: Thanks for the feedback. The Mojo Bass rod is a bargain at 99 clams.