Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shmackity Shmackity Wa Wa introduces…The Shiniest Lure Ever!

Shmackity Shmackity Wa Wa lure company is at it again and has come up with The Shiniest Lure Ever! After studying fish and more importantly anglers that buy flashy stuff we think we have come up with a lure that is completely obnoxious yet irresistible to anglers.

This is no mere sparkly spoon or glittery go-to bait, folks. The Shiniest Lure Ever has been infused with what looks like the power of the sun (patent pending)! Something this bright can’t possibly be passed by in aisle 171 at your local Supermegaconglomo tackle store.

Even at the deepest depths this lure is brighter than the front end of 7 hummers put together. What fish in his right mind would pass up the opportunity to bite down on a tiny floating little disco ball? Even if you don’t catch any fish at all it still looks really cool in the water. That alone is worth the current retail price of 49.99, right?

Wait there’s more! Now with more hooks! Not one, not two but three sets of trebles!!! This triples the catch ratio.

Disclaimer: Snagging not legal in some states. Check your local regulations.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some of our friends say…

“The Shiniest lure ever absolutely blinds the fish into striking!” Says Ronald “I’ll sell anything” Marvin, Wishwater FL. “I like it so much I just might put my face on it.”

“I have never caught a fish with this thing.” Jimmy Benzwisnky, Pudmuddle WI. (Volunteer product tester) “But it does make a good bike reflector.”

“Sir, you have to purchase one of those fishing magazines or leave the store.” Stan “the man” Johnson, Shady Cove CO. (Store Clerk)


Coloradocasters said...

whoa! stop the orders, folks. This is a spoof ad and not a real product. Shmackity Shmackity WA WA is merely a figment of my imagination. Please stop sending us checks. How did you even get our PO Box number? Some folks will buy anything I guess.

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Bigerrfish said...

needs more hooks and a little more shine