Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DOW releases fishing regulations in Espanol.

How many times have you tried to point out AFLO regs to folks out at Spratt Platte? Or tried to explain the keep limits on various waters or species only to get in response, “No habla English.”

The language barrier can lead to all sorts of confusion and misunderstanding that undoubtedly leads to so many violations in regards to fishing and water regulations. This one simple addition will go a long ways to educate and eliminate the problem.


Cultural and racial differences are what make this country the fantastically diverse melting pot that it is today. The problems caused by the language barrier in regards to fishing are for the most part simply a lack of understanding. Please be understanding when you reach out to anyone on this matter.

Today I am printing these regulations out and keeping several copies in my truck. Instead of attempting to learn a second language (let’s face it…English is still kicking my butt) I will simply hand these out instead. I urge other anglers to do the same.

One more step towards better fishing in Colorado.

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