Monday, July 28, 2008

Never S.O.L…

The MAD Show hit the lake with tubes in tow. We decided to take one vehicle, which meant that we would need to load the tubes deflated and inflate at the shoreline. Well we get there and after a few pumps I hear a snap, crackle and pop. Then the pump goes dead. The top was taken off and as I tip the pump to one-side plastic pieces fell out. It was kaput.

Miles and miles away from a replacement, going back was not an option. We could shorebang the lake but that was not what we had planned. Looking at the pump and our deflated tubes we almost admitted that we might be S.O.L on this run.

“Never S.O.L.” We said taking the air tube out of the pump and filled the tubes up manually. Staying positive and keeping your wits about you is very important in stressful situations. A solution may be possible and complaining will only slow you down.

It took a bit longer but we both made it out there to catch some fish. Action was good early and the tubes made all the difference.

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